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How to Pick a Lawnmower That is Easy on Nature

South Africans love the outdoors. Not only do they enjoy spending their weekends outside braaing and entertaining family and friends, but they also take great pride in their pristine rolling green lawns. Sadly, Mother Earth has been going through quite a rough time lately, which has sparked a growing trend towards greener living. Today, more and more South Africans are looking at sustainable ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

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For Lawnmowers and Power Machinery Repairs, Call Lawnmower Clinic!

The sun is shining, and for the past two weeks, you have been meaning to mow the backyard grass and shear the hedging around the front of the house. So, you do as most people do. You pull out that second-hand lawnmower you bought on Gumtree in the hope of getting it done early so that you watch the soccer a little later with the boys, but the lawnmower will not start. In fact, it has failed you again, for the umpteenth time!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Lawnmower Repairs

Is your lawnmower giving you trouble? Frequently maintaining your lawnmower will save you loads of money, but like anything with hundreds of mechanical moving parts, your lawnmower is going to require TLC now and then. While we recommend that you should always consult your manual or your local lawnmower repairs dealer before attempting any DIY repairs, sometimes it is a simple fix. From lawnmowers that will not start, to starting and stalling, here are some of the most frequently asked questions on lawnmower repairs.

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