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5 Great Tips for Keeping Lawnmowers in Tip-Top Shape Over the Winter Months

After a long, hot summer, winter has finally arrived on our doorstep, and with it, the ritual of hauling out the lawnmower and getting that front and backyard polished is over. Most lawnmowers take a huge beating over the spring and summer months, which means it is time to honour it with an end-of-summer tune-up. Here are five great tips for keeping lawnmowers in tip-top shape over the winter months.

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Tips to Help You from Falling Victim to A Second-Hand Lawnmower Scam!

Done with spending hundreds each month on a garden service you cannot afford? Autumn is in the air, and as the rainy season gets the grass sprouting to an unsightly height, it may be time to invest in a lawnmower that can keep your lawn clean and polished. While it is hard to resist purchasing a brand-new lawnmower, sometimes buying new just is not worth it, especially if you do not have the money. If you are thinking of purchasing a second-hand one on Gumtree or your local online classifieds, you need to be careful. That said, here is how not to get ripped off when buying second-hand lawnmowers.

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Choose Lawnmower Clinic for the Best Deals on Lawnmowers for Sale

There is nothing worse than an overgrown, unkempt garden. Not only does it bring the value of a property down, but it also speaks volumes about lifestyle and values. That said, just because winter is at our doorstep, it does not mean we need to let our outdoor space turn into a jungle. In fact, winter is a good time to mow, use the grass as mulch, and get our outdoor space summer ready.

But in today’s economy, not only are garden services becoming way too pricey, but lawnmowers are just as hefty. Today, there are many types available, from electric, petrol-powered, and rechargeable battery powered to push mowers. Whether you are a homeowner looking to upgrade or you are looking to ditch your garden service and mow your own lawn, before you even type “lawnmower for sale” into Google, visit the Lawnmower Clinic in Pretoria.

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How to Pick a Lawnmower That is Easy on Nature

South Africans love the outdoors. Not only do they enjoy spending their weekends outside braaing and entertaining family and friends, but they also take great pride in their pristine rolling green lawns. Sadly, Mother Earth has been going through quite a rough time lately, which has sparked a growing trend towards greener living. Today, more and more South Africans are looking at sustainable ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

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