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Tips to Help You from Falling Victim to A Second-Hand Lawnmower Scam!

Done with spending hundreds each month on a garden service you cannot afford? Autumn is in the air, and as the rainy season gets the grass sprouting to an unsightly height, it may be time to invest in a lawnmower that can keep your lawn clean and polished. While it is hard to resist purchasing a brand-new lawnmower, sometimes buying new just is not worth it, especially if you do not have the money. If you are thinking of purchasing a second-hand one on Gumtree or your local online classifieds, you need to be careful. That said, here is how not to get ripped off when buying second-hand lawnmowers.

Know Your Budget

The obvious reason to buy second-hand lawnmowers is the price, so do your research and figure out what you want your mower to do and what your budget will allow. You can get a super-powerful mower for a fantastic deal, but only if the seller has maintained it over the years. You should also not spend over 60-70% of the retail price. Lawnmowers are just like cars; if neglected, they will deteriorate, which is why you must ask the seller questions about the history of the mower, such as maintenance and repairs.

Choose Only Top, Reliable Brands

Okay, so we all know what happens when we purchase a generic or inferior brand: it lasts a season if we are lucky! If we have learned anything, it is that cheap is not always better, so stick to reliable brands that have stood the tests of time, such as Honda, Kawasaki, or Kohler. Not only are these brands reliable, but parts are easily accessible.

Test Drive It

Just like a vehicle, never purchase a lawnmower without seeing it and test driving it first. It is common to get ripped off online, so rather purchase a lawnmower from a source close by. You need to inspect the lawnmowers wheels, handles, and cables, and you need to make sure the mower turns on. It is also vital to listen to the engine sound, look out for smoke, and ensure that the blades are sharp and that the wires are not tangled. A good way to tell if the lawnmower is in good shape is with the oil. If the oil is black and sticky, then it is old and the mower has been neglected, which will affect the lawnmower’s performance.

And there you have it, some good tips to help prevent you from falling victim to another second-hand lawnmower scam!