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The Best Garden Machinery

Choose Lawnmower Clinic For The Best Garden Machinery And Power Tools On The Market!


South African properties and homes generally take great pride in their gardens. Because the weather is so ambient, we tend to spend a lot of time outside, and a perfectly green lawn and a beautifully manicured garden can be such a joy. It is, however, necessary to use the correct garden machinery to maintain most gardens, and at Lawnmower Clinic, you can find anything from ride-on mowers and a wild variety of gardening tools and machinery, to power tools and light construction equipment. We invest only in the best and most reputable high-quality international- and local manufacturers’ brands, and as a result, we are always in a position to provide you with reliable, durable, highly functional, and practical garden machinery and tools.

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Power Tools

Get your Power Tools from Lawnmower Clinic!

Lawnmower Clinic has long been associated with the sale and repair of lawnmowers and other garden-related hardware and machinery, but we actually offer a lot more than that. We also stock a very wide range of power tools and construction machinery, which include digging and breaking tools, pumps, compacters, rammers, petrol drills, and many more. We should be your one-stop shop for everything you need for your garden, and for minor construction projects.

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Ride-On Mower

4 Top Benefits of Using a Ride-On Mower


A lush, green lawn is something that is hugely enjoyable for any owner of a large garden. The problem is that grass grows rather quickly, and if the lawn is to be kept in shape, trimmed, and manicured in the right places, it is clever to invest in the right type of lawnmower to achieve the sleek look of a well-maintained lawn. If the garden or lawn is particularly large, it can be very difficult to mow it all with a push mower, and this is why investing in a ride-on mower is possibly the best solution to this problem. Here are some of the reasons why people choose a ride-on mower to keep their gardens in shape:

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Lawnmower Repair Shop

Choose the Right Lawnmower Repair Shop for Your Needs


Very few things are as frustrating as a piece of equipment giving up the ghost half way through a job, especially when it comes to lawnmowers. One minute you are moving and trimming your lawn and everything is just fine, and the next moment it stops and will not start working again. This could be due to a lot of different factors: an accidental cut of the electricity line, blunt blades, engine problems, or even worn out components. This is where you need a specialised lawnmower repair shop that can help you fix your mower, so that you can get back out there, and give your lawn the manicure and care it deserves.

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Lawnmower Repairs

Need a Good Lawnmower Repair Shop? Try Lawnmower Clinic!

In South Africa, we tend to take great care of our gardens. In many cases, they are our pride and joy, and the times that the family spends outside on the lawn, perhaps enjoying a swim with the green lawn surrounding the pool, or playing a game of soccer, can be hugely pleasurable.

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