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We all love a fantastically manicured garden. And in South Africa, this often means that a vast piece of land has to be managed and gardened. Because of our ambient climate, and our love for spending time outdoors, we tend to spend a lot of time and energy on ensuring that our gardens are good-looking and well managed. Lawns, in particular, can be quite challenging at times, and a broken-down lawnmower can make things a lot more difficult.

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Tired of the Grass Being Greener on the Other Side? Try Our Lawnmower Supplies!

South Africans love a good lawn – the larger, the better. The maintenance, however, can sometimes be a bit tricky. Mowing the lawn can be quite an affair, unless of course you have lawnmower supplies and great equipment on your side. A good lawnmower can make the job a lot easier, and investing in some great lawnmowers and lawnmower supplies is a great idea for those who love their lawns. 

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The Grass is Always Greener

In a typical neighbourhood in Pretoria, or anywhere in South Africa for that matter, certain tools can be found once the garage door is opened on a Saturday morning. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to pay for gardening services, while others get to do it themselves. Lucky or not, we all have lawnmowers in our garages, because we all have grass growing in our yards.

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Gardening Days in South Africa

Once a week, we find ourselves putting on some garden gloves and old clothes to head out of the house and do some old-fashioned gardening. Whether we trim some trees or groom some roses, we should all use the garage tools to get the job done. But there is one tool that stands out – as we should use it once a week to keep the lawn from covering our houses – the lawnmower.

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Quality Tandem Ride-On Lawnmowers

Why You Need a Tandem Ride-On Lawnmower

Tired of wading through thick grass with a normal lawnmower? Of course you are. Tandem ride-on lawnmowers feature a turning radius that range from 305 to 406 mm, enabling you to get in and out of the tightest spots. Our mowers’ tight turning radius, coupled with their pinion dual-drag-link steering systems save busy property owners time by allowing them to mow almost any lawn.

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