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Stihl BT360 Two man Earth Auger

Two-Man Earth Auger for a large variety of tasks in commercial construction and agricultural markets.

Two-Man Earth Auger for a large variety of tasks in commercial construction and agricultural markets.

Technical data

  • Displacement: 60.3 (cm 3)
  • Gear Speed: 50 (rpm)
  • Engine Power: 4 (HP)
  • Weight: 25.9 (kg)

Stihl BT360 Auger

Stihl has re-introduced its BT 360 two-man earth auger into the market following demand from local hire companies and contractors.

The Stihl BT 360, big brother to the popular BT 121 one-man auger, is used to drill holes up to 350 mm in diameter for erecting fencing, prefab walls, telephone or electricity poles, planting trees, installing water or electrical reticulation and taking soil samples.

“As a result of its mobility and portability, the BT 360 also provides an alternative to PTO-driven augers when holes need to be drilled in rough terrain and on hard-to-reach sites. It has for example been used to prepare holes for the installation of telephone and electricity poles in informal settlements.”

The two-man Stihl BT 360 is a robust machine built to withstand high stresses in medium to heavy soils. It has a high-power high-torque 3 kW petrol engine delivering a spindle speed of only 50 rpm, thus ensuring enhanced drilling efficiency.

As with all Stihl power tools, ergonomics played a key role in the design of the BT 360, says Hutton. The distance between the handles and the machine makes it easier for operators to hold the BT 360 and position the drill precisely, while the throttle trigger is located so that the machine can be controlled without moving the right hand. Furthermore, the carrying frame can be folded up in a matter of minutes so that the auger can be transported from site to site in a normal-sized car boot.

Drilling holes of up to 200 mm in diameter, the one-man Stihl BT 121 earth auger is popular among farmers, foresters, contractors and the DIY fraternity. It has a powerful 1.3 kW engine, which turns drilling tools at speeds conducive to easy control, and the standard auger length of 695 mm can be augmented with a 450 mm extension shaft. Accessories include drills for drilling holes in the soil as well as shaft extensions and chucks for twist drills.