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Tandem Mulching Mower: Mulch & Plug

Mulch or collect grass with the Tandem Mulch & Plug lawnmower.
New from the Tandem lawnmower range are two Mulch & Plug Mowers
  • Torx 160cc petrol model – with the OHV + mulching facility
  • Executive 2600w unit + mulching facility + 35m cable
Mow your lawn and decide for yourself whether to collect the grass in the 48 liter grassbox, or to mulch, simply by inserting or removing the mulch plug!
We believe Tandem has an absolute winner in their petrol & electric mulching mowers – WHY – because previously there was a mulchmower which failed to grab National customers imagination for one reason only – 60/70% of all sales are made in Gauteng where there is a grass called ‘’KIKUYU’’ – now this is a creeping growing grass & if you Mulch continuously, there is a possibility of a mulch build up or Thatch – which could lead to crickets/ants/insects etc meaning brown patches – not good. However, for the coastal areas, thatch is not a concern.
Tandem have overcome this – by inserting a removable MULCH PLUG into the mowers – allowing for its removal & insertion of your Aerovac grass box when the mulch plug is out – which means you can Mulch 5 or 6 times or as many times as you wish –then by removing the plug you are able to Aerovac your lawn – removing all possibilities of Thatch – then start the process over.
Not only do you have a working lawnmower but it has the additional features of :-
  • not collecting grass saves time – just push & cut
  • by placing mulch onto the soil you will be retaining moisture – good for healthy lawns
  • by placing mulch onto the soil you will retard weed growth
  • the top of all grasses are rich in nitrogen – so if you lop off the top of your grass & mulch it into the lawn – you are fertilizing while cutting.