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Stihl BT45 Petrol Drill

The Stihl BT45 drill is ideal wherever an electric socket is not available. With its powerful petrol engine, it can easily drill holes up to a diameter of 25mm in wood. The ideal alternative to electric drills with a generator or a battery drill. 2 speeds

Good news — a lightweight gasoline-powered wood boring drill you can rely on. Ideal for building or repairing docks and bulkheads, fences, retaining walls, Jungle Gym`s, Thatch roof`s, Lapa and other structures, the dependable and powerful BT 45 wood boring drill lets you work in places where electricity isn't available. This well-balanced drill features a primer bulb and throttle lock for easier starting and a compact ergonomic design, making it easy to operate.

The Planting Auger kit enables you to use the BT45 for landscaping, drilling holes for planting trees, mass flower plantings, deep root fertilization or even small to medium aerating tasks.

Standard Features:

  • Gasoline-powered engine lets you work outdoors without electrical power
  • Dependable, powerful and lightweight engine that features: primer bulb and throttle lock for easy starting, easy-access air filter, electronic ignition, exclusive toolless fuel cap, two-ringed piston, and compact, streamlined ergonomic design that makes it easy to operate
  • Anti-vibration system for comfortable use
  • Two-speed gearbox, with a neutral position as well as a reverse gear
  • Toolless chuck accepts 1/2" drive bits up to 1" in diameter
  • Friction clutch is designed to slip if bit stalls
  • Balanced design with well-spaced handles
  • Front handle is easily adjustable (360° rotation)
  • Can be converted to planting auger with kit

Stihl BT45 Planting Auger

Wood Drill Sizes: 13, 19, 22, 25mm

Planting Auger Sizes: 3", 4", 5"

BT 45 Wood Boring Drill


27.2 cc (1.6 cu. in.)


0.8 kW (1.07 bhp)


4.8 kg (10.5 lbs.)


250 cc (8.5 oz.)


1st Gear: 663 rpm
2nd Gear: 1,972 rpm
Reverse: 590 rpm

Lightweight wood boring drill.
Ideal for building or repairing docks and bulkheads, fences, outbuildings, retaining walls and other structures where electricity is not available.