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Guidelines for selection of Turf Equipment: Example Schools

Maintenance of sports grounds, lawns and gardens can be one of the biggest headaches anywhere. But, when using the correct equipment, it will become one of the most rewarding and outstanding features imaginable. To make the correct decision, it is important to consult the specialists at Lawnmower Clinic Pretoria/Grassnyer Kliniek. Sales staff are trained and know from experience which machinery will be suitable for their application.

Here are just a few factors you have to take into consideration:

The workload of the machine

Industrial machines work up to 1300% more than domestic machines, if you consider that the average cutting time for a domestic mower is 3 hours per week compared to up to 40 hours a week for industrial machines.

The application

Grass longer than 120mm or veld grass must be cut with a different type of machine than a perfect lawn or even a sports field where you would prefer to pick up the grass.

Funds available

The funds available is in most cases the most important factor when purchasing a machine. Even here it is meaningful to discuss it with your Grassnyer Kliniek/Lawnmower Clinic sales representative. It is crucial for us to give the right advice to a customer and gain him for life rather than to make as much as possible profit out of one sale and lose that customer afterwards.

The ideal situation at a school for example will be to have the following machines available:

  • A tractor with a Slasher or Blowermower
  • A ride-on mower or heavy duty self propelled walk behind mower
  • Two or more brushcutters
  • An edge trimmer
  • Domestic mowers
  • A fertilizer spreader
  • Leaf vacuum unit
  • Garden tools(spades, forks, rakes, etc.)
  • Industrial type sprayer
  • etc.

Finally, when purchasing machinery, do so from a reputable dealer where you can be sure that you will get spare parts and your machinery repaired promptly when necessary.