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Lawnmower Clinic - Hints and Tricks

Questions Every Ride-on Mower Buyer Should Ask...

Are you in the market for a Lawn Tractor? Contact us today... we know Lawn Tractors! We do demonstrations at your premises. Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

What type of transmission is best?

There are two main types of transmissions available.

Manual Drive

Manual Gear Drive
Manual gear drive transmissions control ground speed with multiple gears and require the use of a manual clutch to start, stop or change ground speed.  They are available in both 5-speed and 6-speed versions.

Hydrostatic drive

Hydro-Automatic Drive
Foot-operated hydrostatic drive controls forward and reverse speeds, allowing both hands to remain on the steering wheel; no shifting or clutching is required.

Is getting on and off the tractor a hassle?


A high console on tractors can made it very difficult to get on and off the tractor. Step-through Design provides a low center of gravity, increased leg room, and easy on-and-off access.

Why is easy handling important?

Steering around obstacles such as trees, flower beds, or shrubs can be difficult.  Dual Independent Steering controls each wheel independently to reduce steering effort.

Easy Handling

How will I dispose of my grass clippings?

There are three options available to handle grass clippings:


Mulching cuts the grass into fine clippings that are returned to the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer that adds nutrients to the soil. No need to dispose of the clippings because they are deposited into the lawn.


Bagging is great for collecting grass clippings or for leaf pick-up. Ideal for those who like to compost.


Grass clippings are uniformly side discharged onto the lawn.

What engine horsepower do I need?

Generally, the more powerful the engine, the less time it will take to mow your yard. Horsepower is also very important when it comes to getting the best performance from your tractor accessories.

What type of engine do I need?

Look for the following engine features to enhance the performance of your riding mower:

Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve
Withstands wear and extends engine life

Overhead Valve (OHV)
Delivers more power, longer life, and improved fuel economy

V-Twin Cylinder
Offers a well-balanced engine for a smoother, quieter ride and maximum performance

What size cutting deck do I need?

The width of cutting deck needed is determined in part by the size of your lawn.

Murray cutting decks

750mm/30” Cutting Decks
Ideal for 500-2000m²

960mm/38” Cutting Decks
Ideal for 2000-4000m²

1020mm/40” Cutting Decks
Perfect for 4000-8000m² lawns

1160mm/46” Cutting Decks or larger
Handle 8000m² or larger lawns with ease

Why do I need to level my cutting deck?

To maintain a well-manicured lawn and level cut, all cutting decks eventually require adjustment.  Tool-Free Deck Leveling adjusts in less than a minute without the use of tools

Leveling of deck






Contact us today for a demonstration, or visit our shop to view the various options available. We have a large range of Lawn Tractors available, including the Craftsman and Murray ranges of top selling Lawn Tractors.