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Lasher Quality products

We have been appointed as official Lasher agents and distributors. Our company has been selling the Lasher brand for several years, purchasing from other distributors. Recently we negotiated a deal with Lasher, and Grassnyer Kliniek is now purchasing directly from the manufacturer, bringing the end user a large range of gardening products at excellent prices.

Lasher Tools’ commitment to superior product is clearly reflected in standards of quality that competitors struggle or simply fail, to match...

At Lasher Tools, a shovel isn't just a shovel - there are far more shapes and sizes than most people would imagine. Apart from the more obvious varieties such as round-nose and square-mouth blades, there are types for firing steam locomotives, cleaning ash from industrial boilers, solid socket shovels, and pit pan shovels. We even make chrome plated ceremonial spades. Specialised products are also made for customers, with close attention being paid to client relations for ultimate satisfaction. Lasher's aspiration for the future is to continue with its mission statement of servicing Africa and the world with a branded range of quality hand tools. As long as there are buildings to erect, roads to build, fields to sow and hoe, mines to mine and gardens to grow, we will continue to manufacture tough, reliable tools. Guaranteed.

Lasher big five

Stihl Vacuum Cleaners

Stihl Vacuum Cleaners

Where there’s work, there’s usually a mess. STIHL wet/dry vacuums have what you need to make your clean-ups faster, quieter and cleaner than ever.

Powerful suction? Check.

Intuitive convenience features? Check.

German-engineered filter technology? Check.

The list goes on. Whatever your work leaves behind, clean it up with STIHL.

Perfect for your home or the jobsite, STIHL wet/dry vacuums are designed to clean your workspace fast – allowing you to switch instantly from dry to wet clean-up without a filter change. Plus, each vac features an array of attachments to tackle your mess, whatever or wherever it may be. These attachments are kept close at hand on a self-contained tool keeper, so you never have to worry about an impromptu scavenger hunt slowing you down.

STIHL vacuums also feature pleated air filters, backed by an additional fleece filter for trapping fine particles. And with this kind of suction, you’ll be pulling in particles of every shape and size. There’s even a built-in filter cleaning system, so you only have one mess to worry about. We’ve got the rest covered.

Homeowner Vacuum

Big messes can happen anywhere, especially at home. STIHL wet/dry vacuums for homeowners pack enough power for professional cleanup tasks, but are ideal for your home garage or workshop. This vac features a number of professional touches, including a high-efficiency air filter, long electrical cord, durable aluminum vacuum tubes and handy on-board attachments. It can also go from wet to dry cleanup without a filter change. It’s a STIHL quality vac, delivering faster cleanup with less effort. View the SE61 here

Professional Vacuum

If it’s worth cleaning up, it’s worth cleaning up well. STIHL wet/dry vacuums for professionals deliver superior suction for your toughest cleanup tasks. This vac features a quiet and powerful motor, long suction hose, extra long electrical cord and quick access to a wide range of onboard accessories. It can also go from wet to dry cleanup without a filter change. No matter what kind of mess your job creates, you can clean it up fast with STIHL. View the SE122 here


Brushcutter Operator Daily Maintenance Training

On 27 March 2012 we were involved with Stihl in Brushcutter Operator Daily Maintenance Training to 30 keen learners as part of the SALI Casual Skills Training programme. Daily maintenance is important in the successful running of any fleet of machinery, including brushcutters. Save money, less downtime, faster cutting, extended life of machinery.....the advantages with correct maintenance is endless.

Learning under the trees

Operator basics

Brushcutter training group

Independent we stand

Independent We Stand is a movement that started in the USA, all about independently owned businesses across the country reaching out to their communities and educating people about the many benefits of “buying local.”

This is as relevant in South Africa as what it is in the USA.

You can support the cause and help revive the local economy by shopping at local stores. Buy their products. Eat their food. Use their services. In turn, these locally owned and operated businesses will continually pump your hard-earned Rands back into your immediate economy by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases. Out of your R1 spend at an independently owned company, more money goes back into your local community than the Rand spent at the national chain store. And here we don't even talk about the internationally owned chain stores.

This means more money for roads, schools, services and new jobs in your city & community.

Independent We Stand recognizes all socially responsible businesses, both large and small. The movement focuses on helping the little guys not just survive, but thrive…and all the while helping them to contribute to their community.

Small business owners think money spent in your community should largely stay there, not always go home with strangers who hail from heaven knows where.

These locals aren’t just “moms and pops.” They’re all about the people who make your city a wonderful place to live. They’re involved in your community.

Our company, like many other independently owned businesses, offer back-up support for products we sell. We sell top brands, and offer great deals. We assemble all machinery, and test it before you have to use it. We sell spare parts and accessories. We service the units and do warranty repairs.And when it's time to replace your machine, or expand your range, we offer you the correct advice for your specific needs.

We are dependent on the local community's support. When business is bad in Pretoria or Gauteng, we can't rely on profits created in other areas. We can't "close down" or retrench staff in an area. During the recession, we never retrenched staff. We supported our staff, and they in turn kept on spending their income locally. We pay our taxes locally. We support the local community. And we are proudly doing so.

It’s time “Shop Local” and help get the economy back on track. In a way, consumers ‘vote’ for the kind of community they want to live in when they go shopping.

Don't ignore the long-term gain of buying local!

Which Stihl Chainsaw?

We currently have some great specials on chainsaws, but which one do you need?

A storm has hit your property… low hanging limbs are making it a challenge to mow… you’re ready to start using firewood to heat your home… for one reason or another, you’re in the market for a chainsaw. And STIHL is here and ready to help you pick the best one for your job. With over 26 STIHL models to choose from locally, it may appear that you have a lot of options –
however, when considering your job, the choices may be quickly narrowed down. Remember, choosing the right chain saw can ensure you get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Below are things to consider when matching your needs to a specific chain saw.

Size of job – STIHL offers a wide range of saws, designed for different-sized jobs. Our sales representatives can assist you in matching your needs to a specific saw. Should you feel the job
might be beyond your knowledge and experience, hiring a professional will be your best choice.

Type of job – Are you trimming limbs? Felling a tree? Cleaning up storm damage? We also offer various different length guide bars and different types of chain

Frequency of use – Should you only need your saw for occasional limb removal, one of our light duty chainsaws may be enough. However, if you require significant cutting on a regular basis, you may want to check out a mid-range model or perhaps even one of our professional saws.

Source of Power – STIHL offers gas-powered, electric and battery powered chain saws. Choose your saw based on your requirements for mobility, ease of starting, weight, as well as initial and ongoing costs.

Remember, at Lawnmower Clinic Pretoria we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best saw for your needs and to ensure that you have the appropriate accessories and protective apparel to get the job done right.

And remember to consider the environment when cutting trees. Don't cut if not necessary, and always Plant New Trees!

Stihl Chainsaw