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Grasshopper 327EFI72 ZTR

The Grasshopper Series 300, Model 327-72 offers a 27-hp, Kohler Command Pro, Delphi-based, closed-loop, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), V-Twin engine. The cutting width is 72-inch (182.9 cm)
Grasshopper 327EFI

Grasshopper Model 327 EFI

  • 27-hp, Kohler Command Pro, Delphi-based, closed-loop, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), V-Twin engine
  • Design-matched G2 hydrostatic transmission, with HydroGear variable displacement piston-type pumps and Parker high-torque wheel motors
  • Turf tires
  • 72-inch (182.9 cm) DuraMax® deck

Cutting area per hour: 27842m2

Why EFI?

Easy Dependable Starts.
  • Optimized fuel injector placement and intelligent sensor pack deliver fuel wherever and whenever there is a demand for power
  • No-choke starting even in cold weather, when engine is hot or after long periods of storage
  • Less downtime and less maintenance for the life of the engine
  • No messy, gummed-up carburetor to clean or adjust
Increased Efficiency.
  • More fuel-efficient carbureted engines
  • Monitors internal and external factors that can affect engine performance such as fuel grade, fuel quality, ambient air temperature, altitude and engine conditions
  • Makes continuous, automatic adjustments to optimize performance, increase fuel efficiency and extend service life
  • On top of the savings, you'll also refuel less, increasing your overall efficiency

Lowest Operating Cost.

  • Fast payback on your investment

Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ M1 MidMount™ mowers feature a four-wheeled power unit with a mid-mounted mowing deck positioned under the operator's seat and forward of the engine. The operator rides above the cutting deck for optimal zero-turn-radius maneuvering.

M1 MidMount™ modes offer superior performance and maximum straightaway speeds up to 17.7 km/h and are ideal for residential mowing, commercial landscape contractors and high-capacity mowing applications.